Though we have our roots in the interior built environment, we are a "1-Stop Shop" for commercial glazing.  We tailor our offerings to meet the needs of our clients.

In a world of commodity... Quality matters

Take a look at some of our finished work.


For Contractors

Lucent was founded on the principle of anticipating the needs of the contractor.  Our expertise in products and design allows us to be a valuable asset throughout the entire project lifecycle—from budgeting and bidding to construction and close-out. Collaborating closely with our contractors, we ensure they have everything they need to provide quality service to their clients.  We understand the value of repeat clients and we know that our clients value it as well.  

We have invested heavily in a digital infrastructure that allows us to support our clients more efficiently.  Our bidding and project management systems provide a rigid foundation for project delivery that minimizes informational loss and automates basic functions to ensure active engagement of the critical path.

For Architects & Designers

We understand that every design has countless moving targets. There are so many variables driving the way a project is developed: programming, budget, schedule, reuse, rebranding, etc. Designers can think of us as a resource for detailing and specifying the glass package. Small changes in details can have dramatic effects on the budget, up or down. We can help steer the design intent to meet any of the variables mentioned above.

Allowing us to consult during schematic design or design development will limit the "sticker shock" effect of CD pricing and give the design team an opportunity to discuss elements with their clients prior to the final drawings being produced.


End Users

Changing the look and feel of the office may not require a traditional construction project.

New office fronts - We can provide glass and aluminum upgrades that will be inserted into the existing openings without the need for further construction. This is a simple way to update the look and feel of the space without having to go through an entire renovation to achieve it.

Custom writable boards - We can provide custom-colored (or white) glass marker boards that will add form and function to any office. There are various mounting techniques to provide a finished aesthetic that compliments the current finishes of the space.